Windows Blinds: Types, History and history

Blinds come in a variety of colors and materials. This is because they are used to block the sun, for privacy or in colder weather, to keep heat out. See blinds stuart fl for get more info.

It is recorded that ancient cultures also used window blinds. Though they look different, their function is the same.

Wet cloths are used by desert dwellers to cover windows. These wet clothes were used as a way to cool their houses down and prevent sunlight from entering. Blinds were used by ancient Egyptians, Chinese and other cultures to block sunlight from entering their homes.

Chinese bamboos, whereas Egyptians use reeds. Bamboos are used for blinds. This is a common sight in Asian countries.

According to legend, the Venetians blinds originated from Persia. Venetian traders on the road brought these blinds to Venice, and later Paris. So, the Venetian Blinds were invented by these two countries.

The Venetian blinds in the 1950s had metal slats that were 2 inches wide and they were suspended with fabric stripes. Fabric strips allow the metal slats to be raised, lowered, or tilted.

This type of “new” blind was known to make noise and to offer a less aesthetic look to the room. After the 1980s the metal slats have been replaced by one-inch wide vinyl slats. Vinyl slats were the most popular choice for window blinds because they can be easily manufactured.

Many different kinds of blinds are available today. Window blinds can be purchased to match the interior design of your office or home.

Bamboo Blinds
They are made from bamboos. Rattan, reeds or other grasses can be woven into the blinds. The blinds create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Choose bamboo blinds if your office or home has an oriental theme. The bamboo blinds that are available today are eco-friendly and easy to use.

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