Mushrooms for weight loss: Nature’s secret strategy in a small package

What is packed with nutrition and protein that can be used to make facials, tea, sprinkled on pasta, blended in smoothies, consumed alone, or used as medicine, all while being easy to use? You guessed correctly: MUSHROOMS. These versatile and wonderful living creatures that they are. Read more now on



Mushrooms, which are members of the Kingdom Fungi (fungi), have a wide variety of nutritional and medicinal properties, as well as 14 000 species, including several thousand edible varieties.


We rarely ask who tests the criteria and what they test. The Institute of Medicine is a non-governmental organization that is part of the National Academy of Sciences. It is tasked with setting up the Recommended Daily Allotments (RDA), which we use to measure nutritional values. Professor Robert Reynolds of University of Chicago was one of the editors of this system. He said that the system is flawed because only a small amount of funding is allocated to study the information.

Roberts claims that only half of the population falls into the “average category” for Recommended Daily Amounts. We also have to remove the top 3% of the healthiest individuals. The measure is not applicable if you are overweight, sick, over 60, stressed, taking medication, smoking, or eating unhealthy, refined, and processed food.

It makes me wonder what it would cost to redo the RDA program based on existing research data and values for the people that the current system does not include. The cost of a study is enormous when it’s done from scratch. Using secondary data could reduce the cost.

In many cases, the current Recommended Daily Allowances are based on sparse or outdated data. It is still very useful.

In the United States, nutritional information on food packaging is accurate for people who are healthy, eat well, do not smoke, weigh less than normal and don’t stress out. These values are then increased by around 25% to compensate for the nutritional loss that occurs during cooking.


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