4 Girls Basketball Beginners Drills You Can Do at Home

The best way to learn is by doing. While I was growing up, I observed a man dribbling the basketball down the sidewalk. It was then that I made the decision to be able walk the streets while dribbling my basketball. It took me a lot of practice to get it right. My legs are now able to handle the ball. Listed below are four drills you can use to improve your skills. If you are looking for the best basketball practice and community you can visit club basketball team

Drill No. 1: Wall Dribbling

1. Dribble the basketball while facing an obstacle.

2. Dribble with the hand at 90 degree angle. You should only use the fingertips and not your palm. Also your wrist should make an upward and downward motion, as if you were saying goodbye.

3. Dribble now, but extend your arm just a tiny bit more.

4. Now dribble the ball with both arms extended.

5. Repeat with your left.

Drill 2: Finger Tip Drill

1. You can only use the tip of your fingers to pass the football from hand-to-hand in front.

2. You can tip the ball by moving it up and out of your reach.

Drill 4: Jumping Rope

1. Jumping rope on both legs

2. Now, jump with your right leg.

3. Using the left foot, switch to jumping.

Wave Bye – Drill 4, Wave Off

1. In an L shape, hold the upper and lower arms perpendicularly to each other, parallel to your floor.

2. Holding your hand at a slight angle, so that there’s a wrinkle in front of your wrist.

3. Then, wave the hand and maintain the position. The arm and wrist must be aligned with each other and straight. Here is the following-through posture.

4. Repeat.

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